Keep projects healthy & teams happy.

Sonar helps project managers get fast visibility into the status of their teams and resolve hidden issues before they get worse.

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It's time for better visibility.

Get a pulse on projects

Get fast visibility into projects to help teams stay on track and within budget. Understand if your team feels confident about the project and if you need to help them get unstuck.

Resolve hidden issues

Prevent problems on your team from getting worse and burning up the budget. Quickly see when problems begin to surface throughout a project, not just in retros.

Improve team morale

Provide better support for your team sooner than later. Use our communication playbook to resolve issues with positive language to create more trust across your team.

And when projects go well, talent won't abandon you.

How it works.

The Sonar process is simple, fast, and effective.

Track projects from
the dashboard

Get notified when
issues arise

Connect with your team to solve them

Prevent project rescue missions.

You can't predict the future, but it's nice to get ahead of problems before they become overwhelming.

Sonar is a tool to help project managers identify issues sooner.

So you can resolve them before projects get off track.

That means projects finishing on time and on budget.

With happier teams, and fewer headaches